A Kinder Social Media Experience

Social media is toxic. Whether it's contributing to body image issues, harming our mental health, fomenting political instability, or exposing users to increasingly radical content, current social media platforms appeal to our worst sides to get us hooked. Here at Void we don't think it has to be like that. Our algorithm lets you avoid content you don't want to see, while showing you more of what you like.

Change the Way We Think of NFTs

NFTs are a lot more than just poorly drawn monkeys with hats. They're copyright and ownership for the digital world. So when you post original content to Void it's yours to do with as you please.

Buy, Sell, Collect or Trade Content

In the current social media model you have no control over your content once you post it. Anyone can share, repost, or even claim your work as their own and you have no recourse against this. Smaller creators who struggle to grow their brand regularly have their posts taken and reposted by large, monetized accounts without receiving any credit . In any other industry this would be illegal. So why is it the model for social media?

Here at Void we believe in putting creators in control of their content and allowing them to profit from it without needing middlemen and third-party sponsors. See how below!


Support your favorite creators by buying their original content.

When you see something you like, make an offer on it. If the creator accepts your bid - congrats! That content is now yours.

Once you buy an NFT you'll have all the same freedom to do with it as the original poster. Feel free to resell it if someone else makes an offer. Or keep it and start a collection.

Choose to keep it public, or make it private, so only you or certain users you select can see it.


Sponsored influencers shouldn't be the only people making money online.

Why are massive influencers with third-party sponsors the only ones who can profit from their online presence?

Great digital content is something everyone can enjoy. So if you make something people really like, we think you should be rewarded for that. Even if you don't have 100k followers.

Fans of your work can put in offers to buy your content. And if someone makes an offer you accept, 100% of that money goes directly to you.

Collect or Trade

Collect works from your favorite creators.

Maybe you've found an NFT you really want, but don't want to pay money for it. Or maybe the owner isn't looking to sell.

Offer to make a trade. Easily swap NFTs with other users when they have content you want, and you have content they want without worrying about exchanging funds.

Free Speech and Fake News.

At Void, we promise to never delete your content nor your account - but we do have a few rules.

  • Don't break the law. This should be obvious. We don't want to be content moderators, but if your posts are in violation of state or federal laws we will be forced to take them down.
  • Mark any fake news as such. Satire and humor are important methods of communicating ideas. Intentionally spreading fake news is not. Any edits to news broadcasts or articles, or any fake news, need to be clearly marked.
  • No doxing. You might not like or agree with everything you see on here. That doesn't give you the right to share the personal information of the original poster. Just swipe left and you'll see less content like it.

It's as simple as that. If you can follow these three simple rules, you'll never have to worry about your posts or account being removed from the Void platform.


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