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Social Media. Reimagined

What if there was a social media platform for all your content? Pictures. Podcasts. Essays. Articles. Memes. Blogs. Vlogs. Songs. Animations. Random thoughts. All in one place. And all controlled by you.

Forget about spreading your content across multiple platforms. Instagram for pictures. Substack for essays. YouTube, Vimeo, Tik Tok for videos. Spotify for podcasts. It can be a lot to manage when you're creating different kinds of media across multiple platforms. Void lets you share all your original content in one convenient location.

We Put You in Charge

You own all your content with Void. Any time you upload original content to Void we mint it into an NFT for you. That means you're free to sell it, trade it, or keep it for yourself.

One of our founding principles is that anybody should be able to profit from their social media presence. Not just influencers with corporate sponsorships.

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"Six million followers, and they were still just barely scraping by, worried about paying their electric and Internet bills."

- Washington Post article about an indigenous Brazilian Tik Toker whose videos regularly reach millions of views, but because of lack of monetization options her tribe still struggles to afford internet.

Choose How to Interact

Putting you in charge also means you can choose who sees your content, and what content you see. Make posts private so no one but you can view them, or leave it public for anyone to interact with. If you only want a select few close friends to be able to see your post, you can do that, too.

If you see something you like swipe right to see more like it. And you see something you dislike, swipe left and we'll make sure you see less of it.